Using before and after pictures on your kitchen and bathroom remodeling website

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are expensive endeavors – customers are unlikely to indulge without enough research to ensure themselves the results will pay off. A picture is worth a thousand words and a Before-After picture is a promise of satisfaction worth more than words. Remodeling companies like KBF Design Gallery,  use before and after pictures to judge your competence, style and creativity. Moreover, the minds of the budget hounded focus on individual details so they can pick and choose, meaning the level of details provided in Before-After picture series is just as important as the overall genius you want to display.

Here are some tips to make the best use of Before-After pictures on your remodeling website:

1.    Make sure the link to your picture gallery is easy to find and distinctive from other links on the site. The gallery should be viewable in all types of devices – a lot of people view galleries from smartphones and a ‘mobile-friendly’ site helps engage such readers.
2.    The pictures don’t have to be restricted to the gallery but can be scattered throughout other sections of the website as well. Not just that, use your best Before-After scene in ads placed on other websites or social media sites.
3.    There’s no need to cheat. A lot of people use bad quality, badly lit photographs for Before pictures and enhance After pictures. The tech savvy customer of today can look through such obvious plays and is likely to reject you outright if the After pictures look like they’ve been on a date with Photoshop.
4.    The best Before-After pictures show exactly the same area, in similar lighting, with the same angle and focus. For example, for pictures of a bathroom renovation project that revolves around a free standing tub, show the area in relation to the rest of the bathroom with the tub being the focal point in both images.
5.    Be clear on what you’re trying to emphasize. For example, if the shower area of the bathroom (clearly the focus of the current trend) is the focal point of the picture then you need make sure it takes up at least 60 percent of the picture, with the other 40 serving as means for visual relation.
6.    A series of pictures for a renovation project can have 3-4 images showing the whole kitchen or bathroom and another set for key features (flooring, lighting, fixtures). Kitchen special features can include counter tops, seating area and cabinets. Bathroom trends this year highlight unique style flooring – a trend likely to last for a while as it can add style to a small space without cramping it.
7.    Encourage customers to write reviews about their renovation projects. A good review from a satisfied customer adds authenticity to the pictures.

A lot of this might be difficult to achieve without a professional photographer. It may be expensive, but consider it a worthwhile investment because the end result is your ambassador in the digital world and a potential source of leads/sales.

Benefits of using graphics in internet marketing

Internet marketing is a concept that has developed in to a major marketing strategy by numerous corporations around the world. The reason is that it allows these firms to gain more market exposure by getting involved with the people at their homes. Another very interesting thing about growing use of social media is the use of graphics involved in it. We all love to watch videos and photos of various events and individuals around the globe. Social media just creates the ease and allows the companies to make use of this benefit. There seems to be an unbreakable bond between graphics and internet marketing. Consider an example of a Facebook status update with and without a graphic, you will definitely go first for the post with the picture.

This is a simple yet very effective user engagement technique used by an Orlando SEO Firm. Following are some of the benefits of using graphics for effective internet marketing:
1.    Provides attractiveness
We have heard that “a picture worth more than a thousand words” therefore, the use of the graphics provides attractiveness to your website and your content by conveying the massage in a much attractive manner.
2.    Gets the much needed attention
A simple display of loads of text is not sufficient enough to attract the customer. On the other hand one image will say it all and the customer will look it for once at least. Our ability to focus is lowering with the passage of time therefore; heaps of information would only bore your visitor. Use of graphics will deliver the message quickly and it will stick to their minds as well.
3.    Develops professionalism & goodwill
Using the graphics in your company’s website will allow you to develop a better image of your company into the minds of the customers.
4.    Provides call-to-action
Call-to-action is a simple one or two words call from your company to your visitors such as “subscribe” or “shop now”. Using these tabs under the graphics really improves your chances to get the action from your prospects.
5.    Conveys your understandability of the subject
When you include graphics in your pages the users understand the fact that you possess the knowledge about this particular subject and this adds more to your creditability in the society.
6.    Better rankings in search engine results
Another benefit of using the graphics in internet marketing is getting better rankings in search engine results. Google favors the use of graphics in websites and promote these more in comparison to those which don’t use graphics.
7.    Keeps everyone on the same page
Graphics keep everyone on the same level of acquiring information because the different people get different understanding from text while graphics have the visual approach which is almost similar for all.
8.    Easier brand associations
The images used in the graphics are more helpful in development of brand association for the customers because symbolism has a huge role to play in imaginations.
9.    Helpful going viral & increasing the traffic
People tend to share them more because graphics make things easier to understand and remember. This makes the popularity go sky high in not time.

Characteristics of an effective water-damage emergency services website

Water damage is a huge amount of loss caused by water intrusions such as rusting of steel, rotting of wood, stripping the laminate from plywood etc. This can be very dangerous for the interior structure and can cause the whole building to collapse. You need to be very responsive in your services and for this the need for an effective emergency service website is a must. However, your website must communicate with your visitors in a quick manner. You don’t want your site to cause trouble to people who are already in a big trouble.

Characteristics of a good emergency service website are as follows;
1.    The site should not take ages to load – Your water-damage emergency website should not take a lot of time to load; it should be fully displayed in no time. As it is an emergency website it should work fast enough.2.    A proper site map to guide the visitors – The website should also contain proper site map in order to guide the visitors. You don’t want your user to get stuck on one particular page and they have to go back all the way to get to needed page.
3.    The site should be simple and informative – There is no need to be animated here, because this is a serious matter and should be dealt in a serious manner. Information section should be separate and should contain all the data regarding emergency safety guidelines regarding water-damage.
4.    It should be integrated with your blog – Your site should be integrated with your blog as well. Your blog is the platform where you can convey all the information about the topic and the activities of your company.
5.    You must have social media associations as well – Harmonizing your social media profile with your website will provide you a platform to get in to the masses and promote your services. The role of social media in building better business services is undeniable.
6.    You “contact us” section should be on the first page – This section must be given top priority and should be right on your Home Page, this way accessing you will be easier.
7.    You can consolidate an online chat portal – A small section at the end of your site page will keep you up to date with the reviews and opinions of people about the services you provide to them.

While designing the website for your water-damage emergency service business you should keep simple things in mind that you are there to provide emergency services to the community and respond to the emergency calls from your locals. Therefore, the only way to grow in this industry is to provide solutions to the problems through excellent services and be responsive in doing so. Keeping these two things in mind will allow you to develop a website as per the needs of the people and will allow you to do good business as well.

A good website can be a blessing in disguise for your family law firm

You, as a family law firm owner must have a website just like any other business owner should have. Why, because this is the age of internet and you must have an online presence in order to be more profitable in this dynamic world.  Following are some benefits of having a website for your law firm;

Far cheaper than the print ads
The main overwhelming advantage for your firm is that having a website is far less expensive than your investment in the print media. So any person even in the start-up stage can afford having a website and this will be very cost effective business decision in the long run as well.

Cheaper method for conducting market research
You can equip your website with various traffic measuring applications such as online surveys, visitor polls and various other website statistics applications to determine the trends of your business and the overall industry trends.

Opportunities to expand
Having a website is similar to having a global presence; this means you are accessible by the clients from around the globe breaking the geographical barriers.

Using website for other income sources
A website can, not only represent your business in the world of internet but it can also serve you to generate other income streams such as advertisements. You can sell some space to various other internet advertisers and businesses against some cash.

You are available at all times
The case of turning your customers back when it’s time to close your office gets nailed here. With a website up and running at all times your customer can interact with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Convenient for the people to reach you
A website provides convenient to your customers and they can reach you at any suitable time. They can do all the assessment regarding your business on their own.

Adding value
Offering convenience is a great value that you can offer to your clients because satisfying their needs is your primary concern.

Getting start to the point
A website has all the basic information about a business and the clients will go through it before contacting you therefore, you don’t need to introduce yourself and your business time and time again.

Improving credibility
Websites provide credibility and goodwill to business. People think very highly about the businesses that have online presence. Most of the people are on the internet therefore having a website will allow you cater these internet browsers.

Provides a platform for your clients to express themselves
When a customer is served by you and they are satisfied, they would definitely like to express their opinions about your service and your business. Your website will provide a platform for them to give their opinion about their experience with you.

Linkage to social media
The use of social media has grown a lot in the recent years and you can also benefit from it by making a profile and linking it to your website. This will help you a lot in generating great traffic for your law firm website.