Tools That Help In Developing Website Using Responsive Design

Unlike the earlier days where computers were required to view a website, now tablets, smartphones and other such portable devices have become handy to have a look at the websites. It is the duty of the web designers to create designs in a way that the design will be suiting any type of device. The main variation in each device will be the size of the screen so this is the prime factor that has to be noted. The resolution of the images and other articles used must be in a way that it suits various viewing device. Here are some tools that will be very handy to design a website in a manner that it suits the various device needs.

The main feature that has to be taken care of while designing a website is the usage if images. The tool that will be very handy here is the Adobe Dreamviewer. They will be very handy to build fluid layouts. Include media queries to the website as they will be very handy to improve the appearance of the websites. This will allow the designer to create three layouts that will vary according to the need for various devices like mobile, tablet and web. This will be handy to develop the mobile applications too. Topstyle5 is another type that will be using the CSS3 and HTML5 for the development of the website. Adobe Edge Reflow is another tool that will be useful for the same work. This will be using the box system that will help in scaling the design in a proper way.

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