Using before and after pictures on your kitchen and bathroom remodeling website

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are expensive endeavors – customers are unlikely to indulge without enough research to ensure themselves the results will pay off. A picture is worth a thousand words and a Before-After picture is a promise of satisfaction worth more than words. Remodeling companies like KBF Design Gallery,  use before and after pictures to judge your competence, style and creativity. Moreover, the minds of the budget hounded focus on individual details so they can pick and choose, meaning the level of details provided in Before-After picture series is just as important as the overall genius you want to display.

Here are some tips to make the best use of Before-After pictures on your remodeling website:

1.    Make sure the link to your picture gallery is easy to find and distinctive from other links on the site. The gallery should be viewable in all types of devices – a lot of people view galleries from smartphones and a ‘mobile-friendly’ site helps engage such readers.
2.    The pictures don’t have to be restricted to the gallery but can be scattered throughout other sections of the website as well. Not just that, use your best Before-After scene in ads placed on other websites or social media sites.
3.    There’s no need to cheat. A lot of people use bad quality, badly lit photographs for Before pictures and enhance After pictures. The tech savvy customer of today can look through such obvious plays and is likely to reject you outright if the After pictures look like they’ve been on a date with Photoshop.
4.    The best Before-After pictures show exactly the same area, in similar lighting, with the same angle and focus. For example, for pictures of a bathroom renovation project that revolves around a free standing tub, show the area in relation to the rest of the bathroom with the tub being the focal point in both images.
5.    Be clear on what you’re trying to emphasize. For example, if the shower area of the bathroom (clearly the focus of the current trend) is the focal point of the picture then you need make sure it takes up at least 60 percent of the picture, with the other 40 serving as means for visual relation.
6.    A series of pictures for a renovation project can have 3-4 images showing the whole kitchen or bathroom and another set for key features (flooring, lighting, fixtures). Kitchen special features can include counter tops, seating area and cabinets. Bathroom trends this year highlight unique style flooring – a trend likely to last for a while as it can add style to a small space without cramping it.
7.    Encourage customers to write reviews about their renovation projects. A good review from a satisfied customer adds authenticity to the pictures.

A lot of this might be difficult to achieve without a professional photographer. It may be expensive, but consider it a worthwhile investment because the end result is your ambassador in the digital world and a potential source of leads/sales.